[Part 9 of 9] Oh the places we’ll go! (Acts 1:6-8)

Life Meets Theology

Just because I want to do it, doesn’t mean I’m not afraid.


Titan_828845As a child, I remember getting brave when trying a new roller coaster.  I wanted to do it, but I’d be scared to death.  My dad would often give me an out by reminding me I really didn’t have to ride it.  Nevertheless, I wanted to ride it.  But it certainly didn’t come without a level of fear.

Roller coasters, however, are safe.  What gives us a thrill is perceived danger.  It’s carefully crafted to make us afraid while the ride is completely under control.

Life, however, doesn’t promise this.  The danger isn’t always merely perceived; it’s real.  As Christians, we’re no less afraid (right or wrong), but we have a higher motivation than the thrill of a ride.  Lives—eternal lives—are on the line.


We conclude a nine-week journey through Acts 1:6-8.  I think this…

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