Month: June 2016

Colleen Taylor, Haiti A lot of the missi


Colleen Taylor, Haiti
A lot of the missionaries are in the states. Pray as they visit churches, supporters, and have some relaxing family times. Pray for creativity as I work on Sunday School lessons for Bwa Neuf kids classes.

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5 Days to Go… Russia

My Journey Down the Lighted Path

Prayer request – 5 days. There are 5 days left before my daughter Tori, myself and 7 others leave for Russia for a mission trip. Please pray for the staff workers at the camp. Pray for those who have been making preparations for camp long before we were committed to coming. They also will be away from family and home. Pray that things will continue to come together at the camp to get everything ready for us all!

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ethiopia, part two


Last year, my family and I followed my mom to Ethiopia for 11 days to try to understand what about the country had captivated her heart so well.

It didn’t take long to understand it.

The Ethiopian people are a people full of complete joy. It’s a joy hard to describe, and sometimes quite difficult for me to obtain. It’s pure joy, with no hidden agenda, and with contentment.


It wasn’t hard to fall fast in love with the Ethiopian community. However, as our hearts were falling, they were also breaking for them as well.

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