Are You Waiting For God


Psalm 27:14

Our culture is an “instant” society. Because of inventions like the computer and the microwave, we’re used to quick results. A fast pace isn’t necessarily bad, but we should guard against becoming so set on immediate fulfillment that we can’t wait for God’s timing.

This problem existed long before the computer age. In Genesis 15:4-5, God revealed to Abraham that though he and his wife Sarah were too old to have children, a great nation would come from him. Abraham believed God but eventually decided to handle matters on his own. He took Sarah’s servant Hagar as his wife so that she could bear the promised son. (See Gen. 16.)

Abraham probably rationalized his decision, figuring that God wanted him to have a son—and since it seemed impossible any other way, surely this must be what the Lord wanted him to do! But it wasn’t. Abraham had to…

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