BLESS: Simple Ways to Bless Others


We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Here are some simple ways to challenge yourself to do this:

Intentionally bless three people each week through words, gifts, or actions. Be creative. Here are some ideas:

  • Spend some time with a friend who is having a rough week
  • Help a neighbor with a project or chore
  • Using a hobby or personal interest, find a way to make new relationships with the purpose of blessing others
  • Invite a neighbor or hurting friend to join a personal or family meal
  • Respond willingly to at least one interruption that comes along this week
  • Host a neighborhood block party or cookout

More Ways to Bless Others:

  • Pay for the meal of the car behind you at the fast food drive through
  • Bring a family meal to a sick friend
  • Leave an extra large tip for a waiter or waitress
  • Mow your neighbor’s yard…

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