Romans 6,7,8 – Key to Revival Part 1

Prayer In Every City

Prayer in Every City Bible Study Romans 6, 7, 8

Many people are praying for revival in America, but we have yet to see God pour out his Spirit. From my years of study on Revival and Spiritual Awakening, there is more to a heaven sent revival than prayer. The book of Romans can shed some light on what is needed for revival. Before I begin the lessons on Romans 6,7 & 8, I will give you a brief outline  and summary of the entire book. Then tomorrow we will narrow in on Romans 6, 7 & 8.

The book of Romans is divided into 5 sections.
1. Sin – Romans 1-3:20
2. Salvation – Romans 3:21-5:21
3. Sanctification – Romans 6-8
4. Sovereignty – Romans 9-11
5. Service – Romans 12-16

The main theme of Romans is the gospel. Every believer should study this book so you know how to defend your faith, and most importantly to share your faith. By looking…

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