Exponetial 2016: Leadership in a Multi Site Environment


Exponential East 2016: Breakout Session 5- Leadership in a Multi Site Environment

Jenni Cantron : 4 Sight Group- helping leaders thrive

Role of a leader in a multi site environment…

3 things to fight for

  1. Clarity-
    • Fighting for clarity who reports to who, how does it work what does a dotted line mean what does a straight line mean? Do we need to do everything like the main campus?
    • What are the most important things? What are the things that need to be consistent from place to place? Pushes you to get clear

Initial or imperative- what initially needs to be a part of it?
Priority- what are the things every campus needs to aspire to within the first 6 months. Optional- you can do this if it fits your community
Discouraged- no we don’t do that…it just not something we do
Creating guidelines about how you want them…

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