Exponential 2016: Main Session 5


Main Session 5

Ryan houston

I would rather be a church builder than a church critic

Of all the things I do all I do is build the church…There is one vision.

3 key things to planting a church…

  1. The right place
  2. with the right time
  3. with the right people

Right Time:

  • If you need to weaken the base to spread to plant it may be the wrong moment.
  • Making the decision to start a new church is the easy part the hard part is if we have is needed do structurally to succeed
  • You should expand from a position of strength. City was right person was right but timing may be wrong.
  • Picking out moment is very important. Timing is everything. Do everything out of strength. Not every good idea is a God idea.

Right Place:

  • Find the right place and be true to yourself once you find it.

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