How Faith, Family and Friends Can Pull You Through Personal Crises

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How do you get through a personal crisis? Many people believe that as long as you have faith, family, and friends, you are sure to get through anything. Surviving a crisis of any kind is nearly impossible to do alone; outside help is almost always necessary.

Finding Your Faith

While finding a way through crises, many people find praying, reading religious doctrines, or going to church to be comforting. There are several other ways to remind yourself of your faith and why you should hold it close.

Keep in mind, pain helps you grow. At, Shelli Proffitt Howells states that through pain “You grow in patience, humility and empathy.” The benefits won’t be obvious at the time, but there is always a purpose to pain. You can become a better person, gaining an ability to feel more compassion for others who are in pain.

Keeping your faith…

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