Revival Comes Not Through Good Works, but by Awakening


During a preaching series on revival, Pastor Saeed Abedini explained that God’s grace cannot be earned through good works or church attendance, but only through an awakening of hearts.

“Revival is not measured by how many hours of service we give to our church or ministry. Revival is measured by the movement of God’s Spirit and the outpouring of His grace,” Abedini wrote in a Facebook message as part of a series on the topic of Revival that he has been posting throughout the week.

“Many people seek to cover their inner guilt through good works, which never resolve the reason for their separation from God. Some serve out of pride or evil motives,” he added.

“Some serve merely to work their way into a position of power or to have a closer relationship with a certain church member.”

He explained, however, that revival has little to do with how…

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