Psalm 63, 2016

Come with me on a Journey through the Bible

There is a burning desire within me to know you better, my God!

I feel such an overwhelming thirst.

But no water can quench this thirst – only you.April 3 psalm 63, 2016

No where and no thing but you.

Oh, yes!  I have experienced your power and your awesomeness!

Your love is what makes this life worth living!

I just can’t stop talking about how great you are!

When I lift my hands up to you, I feel  your touch as you reach down to me.

Only you satisfy me.  There is no food that fills this craving inside of me – only you.

You are magnificent!

In the darkest and loneliest part of the night,  I think about you.

You are always ready to help me.

You hold me in your arms and I sing for joy!

You love me.

You protect me from harm.

You fight my battles for me and make…

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