Spiritual Tsunami: The Redirection of a Life, Part 1

Hope 4 Congo

H4C_18by Brad Graber

A tsunami generally consists of a series of waves, creating a “displacement (redirection) of a substantial volume of water, of which the magnitude and volume cannot always be predicted.”

The greatest tsunami of all time was when God raised Jesus from the dead. Triumphant over sin, death and the grave, the book of Acts is a witness to the power of the “Great Commission” and the additional waves that followed resulting in a world turned upside down.

God continues to “redirect lives” creating tsunamis within each successive generation. We often think of the ripple effect that takes place when we throw a pebble in the water. I like to think of the ripple effect being that of man’s efforts while the tsunami effect is that of God.

Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission, was born into a God fearing family and…

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