Spiritual Apathy

Growing Godly Generations

Spiritual apathy can happen to anyone. The natural drift of our life, priorities, and affections is not toward God but away from Him. When such apathy, busyness, and pride rises in our life we would do well to reflect how the prophet Haggaiaddressed God’s people.

–        Refreshing their vision for God.
Haggai uses the name “Lord of Hosts” (Yahweh Sabbaoth) 14x within 48 verses of the entire book. The name represents a military figure commanding the armies of heaven. The prophet wants to remind Israel that Assyria and Babylon are not all powerful but God is incomparably greater.

    Is your vision for life’s problems and pains bigger than God and His promises?

–        Rebuking sinful attitudes and actions.
Haggai will harshly rebuke Israel’s sin. The initial rebuke from the Lord is when God says in Haggai 1:2 “These people” and not “my people” (cf. Hosea 2:23). Israel was…

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