Anger In Children

Growing Godly Generations

Last week’s sermon was on the deadly sin of anger/wrath. Some leftover or specific additional content that I did not share was about anger in children.  Many parents can be confused or go crazy for why their child manifests regular emotions of anger or wild rage. Anger often arrives for reasons such as: frustration, fear, hurt/threat of hurt, injustice that needs defending (righteous), or perhaps it is simply a modeled habit (from a parent, person, or entertainment/media source) for them to repeat. A wise parent would do well to ask questions to discern the root of their child’s anger. Here are some example questions:

Frustration or Fear:
Who has the power to make me frustrated or afraid?
What makes me get frustrated or afraid?
When do I feel frustrated or afraid?
Where do I get frustrated or afraid?
Why do I feel frustrated or afraid?
How do I express my frustration…

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