Intercede with Greater Focus and Understanding

Living Our Days

Traveling to over forty different countries, meeting church leaders who are, at times, risking their lives in the course of doing ministry, and hearing their unique challenges and joys can be an exhausting prospect.  Fortunately, Brian Stiller has logged all the travel time, and he has shared his unique experiences and insights in An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World. 

Meet Ajith Fernando, known as “the John Stott of Asia,” who remains in ministry in his homeland of Sri Lanka in spite of the devastation of violent ethnic conflict and the religious persecution that prevents Christians from having access to education for their children, purchasing property, or even renting public facilities for Bible studies or worship services.

Walk the crowded corridors of a Mexican prison where sleeping space is wherever you can find it (bathroom floors, hallways), and entire sections have been given over to the management of drug cartels.

Visit a seminary in…

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