Vindication of God’s righteousness

Knowing God through His Word ... Day by Day

Dr. John Piper preached through a sermon series on the book of Romans that spanned eight and a half years, and has preached 15 messages just from Chapter 3 of Romans!  Here is a portion of one, “God Vindicated His Righteousness in the Death of Christ” that relates directly to Psalm 51 which we read today also, and a link to a conference message, “The Most Important Paragraph in the Bible” that focuses on verses 21-26 of Romans 3.

Boil that down to the most basic problem the death of Christ is meant to solve. God put Christ forward (he sent him to die) in order to demonstrate his righteousness (or justice). The problem that needed solving was that God, for some reason, seemed to be unrighteous, and wanted to vindicate himself and clear his name.

“On Account of Passing Over Sins Done Beforehand”

But what created that problem? 

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