A Bob Well Done

Stew Rd.

11253685_10155707438290029_4629162233917935587_nWelcome to the blog of Bob.

For the past year or so, I have considered starting a blog but I am so late to the game I didn’t want to be a copycat or too “look at me” so I have procrastinated for a while.

*note to self – pride will generally cause you to be too early or late with your delivery

There are a few reasons I decided to pull the trigger on the blog thing:

  1. I like to write.   I have a Secondary English degree but I probably couldn’t “Secondary English teach” my way out of a paper bag.  I enjoy creative writing and, in many ways, I feel I express myself better writing than speaking.
  2. Sometimes there is more to be said than a social media post.  It gets awkward to write a long post and is more than most people bargain for on social…

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