Definition of a Christian: DBS&P

The Millennial Christian

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. When you believe what God tells you through the written d1word of the Bible. There is a new power inside of you. When God saves one sinner, and we all have sinned. Not one of us is able to save himself. That somehow through your own ability you have accepted God. He immediately places the power of the Holy Spirit within your heart. This new power within every believer will lead us to the pathway of righteous living. It will lead us into a new life.  From that moment on the Holy Spirit leads, assures, indwells, comforts and seals your heart designating you the property of almighty God. He exclaims to all the spirit world that you no longer belong to satan. Did you know that every time someone believes the Word of God, every time someone receives  grace through the saving faith necessary…

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