Worshiping Jesus


magiThe Magi from the east came a long way to see Jesus (Matthew 2:1-12). They followed God’s leading, and, when they came to an impasse, they asked questions about his whereabouts. Continuing on their way, they once again were guided by the star they had seen earlier. When they finally found Jesus, they were overjoyed. They bowed down and worshiped him, giving him expensive gifts. Then they began their long journey back home, satisfied with getting nothing in return for their efforts.

How does your journey to worship Jesus compare with that of the Magi?

Do you seek him diligently, not getting easily discouraged when you run into roadblocks?

Do you follow God’s leading, and ask for help from others when necessary?

When is the last time you truly felt overjoyed to simply be in the presence of Jesus?

Do you offer Jesus gifts (time, talent or treasure) of value?

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