The Power of Prayer

Christ Fellowship

E.M. Bounds said “Prayer can do anything God can do.”

Many people believe in prayer, but few pray. Prayer’s results are outside the realm of human possibility and its effectiveness is limited only by the omnipotence of God, yet we barely access it, and maybe never to the degree of truly honoring God. He can, has, and will do nearly anything in answer to prayer. Even defy the laws of nature on our behalf.

By prayer His kingdom comes and ours goes. Through prayer the nation of Israel was spared, as Moses changed the plans of God (Numbers 14). By prayer Hezekiah was given another 15 years to live when God had said he would surely die (2Kings 20).

Prayer is not a negotiating tool; it is an active force. It’s a spiritual weapon; like a cruise missile. We can fire and forget; point and shoot. Our prayers keep on…

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