Seeking Peace for Christmas

Sisters of Christ

Peace Love Christmas“Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth.” Luke 2:14

Warning: STOP reading if you LOVE Christmas, look forward to it every year,  believe it is the perfect time of year and are sad to see it go. This post is not for YOU.

To everyone else, Christmas is stressful. Peace is hard to find in line at a department store.

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always possible with a heart filled with grief.

Death, suicide, illness, depression, abuse, poverty and other sins wage wars far greater than an atheist, Muslim or Jewish person’s failure to wish a Merry Christmas.

It is a stressful time of year keeping up with the Jones or St. Perfect down the street, running from demons and pretending to be happy when the bank is empty, the heart is heavy, the sky is dark and the well is dry.


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