A Word from the Author of “Praying for the Unsaved Millennials in our Families”

Praying for the millennials

The young adults in our extended families number close to 100. Most of them are not saved. My heart’s desire for them is that they will be saved. I feel a little like the Apostle Paul when he shared his desire and prayer for the salvation of the nation of Israel in Romans 10:1.  

Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is our greatest Gift from the Father. He is the Savior of the world, and He is Lord. He must be the highest priority for everyone in every age group and in every nation. Our young people need a relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ!  In fact, all unsaved people do, but my focus today is on the millennial generation. 

By giving their lives to Christ while they are still young, vibrant, healthy, and active, the millennial generation will be able to seize every opportunity to be a blessing for the Glory of God in ways that their  minds…

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