Oh, To Be Loved…

Leigh Ann Thomas

a_clip_art_outline_of_a_red_heart_on_a_white_background_0071-0801-3017-0208_SMUDid you ever long to be loved?

Not just the giddy, silly kind of love—but a love born of knowing and being known.  A love so crazy and so deep that you can’t find words to wrap around it…

The kind of intimacy that doesn’t seem to exist in our culture…

We long for another soul to want to know us—and then to love us anyway. I guess the word we look for is unconditional…a type of love not based on performance or quotas or who we know…

We want to be loved and accepted for the mess that we are—without reservation—without critical analysis.

We desire extravagance.

Oh, to be loved extravagantly.

nativityWe look at this familiar scene—Mary, Joseph, a baby—and we wonder: What does a poor family who lived 2000 years ago, on the other side of the world, have to do with us?

Only everything.

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