The Christian Excavator

ShipsCo_028_Pg62_SandyHookByNightI found this missionary story in an old book I have {1918} I thought I would share it in The Christian Excavator – Brother Shawn

“Some years ago some Moravian missionaries sailed from London to the island of St. Thomas, where they were going to labour among the slaves, The name of the ship in which they sailed was the “Britannia.” At first the voyage was pleasant and prosperous; and in their hearts, as well as with their voices, the missionaries would often thank God for his goodness to them.

But one day a great danger threatened them. A pirate ship was distinguished far off, but bearing down towards them. Now pirates are at sea what robbers are on land, but even more terrible; because there is seldom any help near. They cruise about the seas in their light-built, swift-sailing vessels; seldom going on land, but making it their whole business to rob other ships. And on their ill-gotten…

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