“The Christ of Christmas: His Deity” (John 1:1-3 message)


There was an article in the paper a couple of years ago about the Nativity Scene in St. Albans, West Virginia. It included a picture of the scene, because it was so unusual: it had a stable, some sheep, camels & a donkey, and even some “visitors” – wise men – but that is it! There was nothing in the stable – no Mary, no Joseph, and no baby Jesus! It was revealing that the two town officials that were contacted had differing stories about why it was that way. The parks superintendent said that the Holy Family was left out because of “separation of church & state” concerns. Interestingly, the mayor (the politician!) said it was just a technical difficulty – you know, too hard to get all those characters to fit inside the stable! Either way, it is definitely ironic that the One the nativity scene is supposed…

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