Going Deeper with God – “This is Not Your Battle to Fight”

Living as Apprentices

Eugene El Shaddi bannersPeterson’s book Eat this Book teaches us to chew on a passage of scripture, digest it, and then put it to use in practical ways. Our Christian fathers and mothers called this process Lectio Divina. These stories from the battlefields of the Old Testament teach us to choose our battles; some are not ours to fight.

NOTE:  This blog was published in mid-November. I am republishing it in connection to a blog published on Wednesday – Who Am I When my Body Fails Me.

Stand Still!
2 Chronicles 20: 14-17; Exodus: 14: 1-14

Then the spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel . . .  in the middle of the assembly.  He said, “Listen, all Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, and King Jehoshaphat: Thus says the Lord to you: ‘Do not fear or be dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God’s.  Tomorrow…

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