It’s such an easy pit to fall into.  Will things ever change?  Will wrongs ever become right?

Living in a developing country, I often let that despair permeate me.  I see the poverty and wonder if there even is a solution.  I see the corruption and wonder if it could ever changed.  I see the broken system and wonder what could possibly fix it.

I see the callousness of my own heart and I wonder if there’s any hope for me.

On Friday I traveled just under three hours to visit Deborah, a nine-year-old girl who lives in the Eastern Region in Ghana.  When I arrived in her village, my hosts led me through school yards, behind houses, and under laundry lines to a long wooden building.  Children peaked through the holes between the slats.


I walked into the dirt floored school and hugged an extremely nervous little girl.  I…

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