Another Wonderful Day in Jerusalem

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Clouds in Valley View from our classroom

Greetings from Jerusalem!  We had another very full day and I am ready for some rest…but not before I update you on the happenings!

The Lord blessed us with rain today, and clouds moved in and out of the valley to the west of Mt Herzl, where Yad Vashem is located.  (For my Phoenix friends, “rain” is that wet stuff that falls from the skies!)  Our classroom has a wall of windows looking out over that valley, so it was a blessing to stand out on the balcony during breaks to take in a bit of the freshness.

Again today we received lectures from world-class experts in their specialties, such as “Jews in the Medieval Christian World (helping us understand the root of Christian persecution of the Jews), “Modern Antisemitism, Nazism and the Shoah” (describing a bit about the Nazi mindset), and “Literary Responses to the…

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