Laying a Biblical Foundation

Looking for the Blessed Hope

David's Harp (112915) Chord’s Bridge or King David’s Harp

We awoke to a bright, glorious Sunday morning in Jerusalem!  (The weather is fantastic!)  Above, I’ve given you a glimpse of Chord’s Bridge from our hotel balcony.  This work of art is designed to look like King David’s Harp, but functionally serves as a bridge for the light rail and a walkway connecting to the Central Bus Station.  It is a landmark in the center of Jerusalem, near the government and museums district.

BLM (112915)We spent the day at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (one of the sponsors of our seminar), which currently houses the “Rivers of Babylon” exhibit.  It is a fascinating exhibit, not only providing detail about the Babylonian captivity which occurred around 600 BC, but also including artifacts that help us understand the Jewish roots of our Scriptures.

Lion-Ox at BLM (112915)For example, Isaiah 11:6 references the peaceful cohabitation of wolves, lambs, leopards, goats, calves and lions.  We…

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