Living in Gratitude – Part 6 “I’m Grateful for Passion”

Living as Apprentices

The Novembergratitude stone holiday of  Thanksgiving in the United States offers us a time to  reflect on the grace of God in our lives.  The series will focus on the fact that gratitude is the rock of our faith; if we lose gratitude, we lose our way.

                             ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


There they all were, more than a dozen “graduates” of the Apprentice of Jesus program, crowded around a couple of rectangular tables in a small room, sharing an atmosphere of expectancy. Each one had been transformed by the grace of a loving God. Each was taking on the challenge of becoming an apprentice to the Master, answering the call to “come and see” and “follow me.” Each now experienced a world of brighter colors, richer relationships, and unimagined freedom.

As I looked around the room…

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