13 Ways to Develop a Passion for the Things of God

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Wednesday is for Prayer

jesus feet being washedLuke 7:36-50 is one of my favorite passages of Scripture and episodes in the life of Christ.

Brief recap: A Pharisee is having dinner with Jesus and becomes upset when a woman “from the street, a sinner” begins to weep, dripping tears on Jesus’s feet, bends to wipe his feet with her hair, and then anoints his feet with expensive perfume.

The Pharisee whose home Jesus was visiting grumbles over Jesus’ apparent lack of understanding. In his mind, this woman, this sinner, this woman from the street, and this contact with her, means Jesus is not a prophet because he should know better. For the Pharisee, she is unworthy of attention and beyond redemption.

But not for Jesus.

He constructs a simple story, just 26 words in English, and ends it with a single question:

40 And Jesus answering said to him, “Simon, I have something…

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