Praying that Pastors will Exalt the Supreme Majesty of Christ

Heavenly Father, we pray that the supreme majesty of Christ will be powerfully demonstrated in and through our Pastors’ preaching on the Lord’s Day so that everyone will know beyond any doubts or fears that Christ is Preeminent now and throughout eternity. Bless our corporate worship in great and mighty ways.

Help us to remember that it’s all about Your Beloved Son Jesus and about Your Glory.  During our short time together, O Lord, help us to forget about ourselves and the problems of the world because our focus should be on celebrating  Jesus and His death, His resurrection,  His reign at Your right hand, and His imminent return for His church.

Give us the Grace to pursue Him and to pursue a deeper relationship with You through Him.

O Lord, please give our Pastors an extraordinary empowerment to proclaim Christ so mightily that everyone will receive the assurance that our God reigns over everyone in every nation and at all times. Help us to maximize our corporate worship for Your Glory and for Your Praise.

Thank You in advance for the outpouring of Your Spirit. Thank You for Your Presence. It is in the majestic Name of Jesus that we are praying and preparing our hearts to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Amen.



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