November’s Resource of the Month: A Short Biography Worth Your Time

Jots And Tittles

full_david-brainerdNovember’s resource of the month is a free eBook courtesy of John Piper’s ministry Desiring God. This short, thirty-four page bio of David Brainerd is well worth the one sitting it will take you to read it.

David Brainerd ministered in colonial America in the early 1700s. Brainerd’s short life has served to encourage many Christians over the years. His days were filled with fierce trials. He was orphaned at the age of 14 and latter kicked out of Yale after being accused of speaking out against faculty members. Brainerd’s long standing hope of pastoring a church was all but finished but God had other plans for Brainerd. Soon he began ministering to the Delaware Indians where he suffered greatly with lack of food and tuberculosis, a disease which first reared it nasty head when he was a student at Yale. Brainerd died at the age of 29 in the home of the great Johnathan Edwards. It was Edwards who took Brainerd’s diary…

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