326. Exceeding Greatness

Bring Back the Poetry

Ephesians 1
Exceeding Greatness
by Jason Tomlinson

God’s power is toward us who believe
and its measure for us to receive
is not based on me or you
but according to the working of His mighty power it’s true
the power He used to raise His Son
and seat Him at His right hand it was done
and Jesus on the throne is above everything
this move succeeded and what did it bring?
it brought every principality power and might
under Him Who authored the Light
and every name named right now and right here
is subject to Him this month and this year
and the year after that and the year after that
what I’m saying what I’m getting at
is that God in Christ wrote the book on working hard
no further work needed no need to post a guard
it has already been taken care of it…

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