Praying for the Millennials Who Have Strayed From the Faith

O Lord our God, You are the Christ-exalting God.  Draw the millennials who have strayed from the faith back to You. They are Yours alone. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, intervene and deliver them from the evil one, O Lord, we pray.

Heavenly Father, bring them from the east, west, north and the south, according to the greatness of  Your  might.  Awaken them to Christ once again. Empower them to feel Your Presence during their wilderness adventures. Don’t give up on them, O Lord. Their times are in Your hands.

Bring them back to Your umbrella of protection. They exist for Your  praise and Your Glory. We believe that Your predetermined plan for them is firm and secure.  Bring them back into fellowship with You. Thank You, Lord.

Father, glorify Your Holy Name. It is in the Name of Jesus that we are trusting You for massive victories. Amen.

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