Fixing the IMB

I am not a missionary. I am a sender and support several missionaries; however, I am concerned about the IMB missionaries. Your proposed initiatives regarding church-planters are positive and should be given prayerful consideration. I am praying.

The Gospel in China

For those who don’t know, the International Mission Board, which is the missions sending agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, recently announced a serious shortfall in their approximately $300 million annual operating budget. Over the last six years, the IMB has spent $210 million more than they have received in contributions. As a result of this shortfall, they have said that between 600 and 800 missionaries will have to be brought home. I have read a good bit from Southern Baptists either criticizing or defending the IMB and its trustees for their management of this financial crisis. Some say that Southern Baptist churches could give much more to missions. This is very true. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of the giving to the IMB is shouldered by a fraction of the churches in the SBC. But others have insisted just as strenuously that there is no excuse for such overspending…

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