First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Building a Brighter Future For Our Children

Great Interview!

Celebrating Black Women In Media, Communications, and Entertainment

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama believes all our children should excel in school. In her seventh interview with ESSENCE, Mrs. Obama speaks candidly to Editor-in-Chief Vanessa K. Bush about her passion for higher learning, ways to nuture resilience in our kids and why parental involvement plays a critical part in securing their future.

ESSENCE: Thank you for agreeing to speak with us about your new education initiative, Reach Higher, and the importance of parental engagement in our children’s education. We know that parents cannot rely solely on educators to encourage our kids’ pursuit of knowledge. How do we get moms and dads to take more ownership?

First Lady Michelle Obama: I attribute so much of my success to my parents’ involvement. My parents were working-class folks. Neither of them went to college, but there was something clear about their expectations of us. There was no question in my mind, in my…

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