Jesus is the Captain of our Souls

In the powerful Name of Jesus, Blessed Father, we thank and praise You for Your Presence, Your protection, and Your power, as we take time to pray for the salvation of our unsaved loved ones. O Lord, we pray for a great intervention of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those unsaved young adults at a time when they least expect anything good to come their way. Lord, You see what many millennials are going through without Jesus as the Captain of their souls. Some of them are having a tough time in this world, and they need Christ today.

Merciful Father, Your eyes are upon all of our young people who are floundering with no sense of direction. Many of them are so disgusted with life that they are ready to give up.

Others are trying so hard to find out what this life is all about, and they are trying to make the most of their circumstances with whatever positive event comes their way. Raise up some of their peers who are believers to tell them that what is happening here on this earth is not all there is to life…that Christ offers them a brand new life.  Give the young believers many opportunities to share the Gospel with their peers.

Open many hearts to Jesus, even as we pray. May the Holy Spirit visit them with His convicting grace, and open their hearts to Jesus, our Savior, our Lord, and the Captain of our soul. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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