The Dynamic Power of Vision

Lord, Give us Vision to Conquer the World for Christ!

Academic Giants

Vision gives life a sense of meaning and direction Are you an eagle or chicken?!

Rising to a dawn of a day most filled with hymns and songs of worship and praise to express our allegiance, obeisance and love to the Living God, in every day of worship, thousands of these were the creation of one blind but virtuouswoman who, though blind, in the thickness of darkness, she sort the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to be the staff of hope, joy, faith and peace in the hearts of many.

And today we sing along her voice, cords & lines of inspired words in hymns that have braved the dichotomy of the seasons of the Church. She stood for, and committed herself to a cause greater than herself, and in the darkness of a blind-stricken life, she pursued bravely and confidently a vision that those gifted with sight were blinded from by the hustles of their…

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