Exalting Christ in our Prayers for the Unsaved

We exalt our Lord Jesus Christ with joyful hearts today, Blessed Father.  You crowned Him Lord over all. He is supreme over all. You have placed all authority in the Hands of the Risen Christ (Matthew 28:18).

We come before You again on this beautiful day that You have made, interceding for our unsaved relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and students of all ages. We intercede for their souls with the authority invested in us according to Your Grace. We are rejoicing that all authority is in the Hands of our Risen Savior and Lord.

O Lord our God, You rule over this family, over all souls, over the Church of Jesus Christ, and over the universe. Your authority is infinite. Your authority is unconquerable. Your authority is incomparable. Your authority is supreme.

Almighty Savior, we stand in Your authority. We are thrilled that You have authority over these prayers that we have been praying for the unsaved. You have authority over every specific person that we are praying for today. We are standing in the gap for all the unsaved millennials in our families, as well as for the unsaved of all ages that You have laid on hearts to pray for. Work powerfully by Your Spirit and open their hearts. Touch and transform their lives, for the praise of Your Glory.

Hear and answer our prayers today. Let the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified in our prayers. Amen.

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